Production of
custom profiles

Depro Profiles specialises in the production of custom profiles and panels, and the customisation options are extensive: from dimensions and appearance to decorative elements. Every day, Depro produces skirting boards and other finishing accessories for the Benelux’s largest flooring manufacturers. Our production takes place entirely in-house, which means we can act very quickly. Indeed, flexibility is one of the company’s greatest assets.

Our own production department

In our own production department, we cut the MDF panels ourselves. Based on a technical drawing, our planing department gets to work. Then our wrapping department applies the decorative foil. All of our production departments have all the equipment they could possibly need. We are always expanding our machine fleet to be able to meet your deadline.


Finally, the foil-wrapped profiles are custom-packed in accordance with our customer’s desires. We have a fully automatic packaging line and multiple packaging stations. Every package receives its own shipping label. This ensures traceability of every package.


We work primarily with MDF, but are also more than happy to process other materials such as aluminium, PVC, etc. We are committed to fulfilling all our customers’ needs.

40,000 m²

Our company occupies 40,000 m² in total, and there’s still room for expansion. With a range of machinery, storage space, a digital printing press, automatic robots, offices and more, we are fully equipped for extremely efficient and high-quality production.

Digital printing


To produce a floor accessory that is the closest possible match for the original flooring, we first perform a scan of the floor. Once a design has been through several rounds of corrections and assessments in various lighting conditions, our digital printer line prints the foil.


Digital printing offers us a new level of flexibility in project development. In this department, we design and print new digital decorative foils. They are subsequently printed on various substrates and then lacquered to specific glosses and finish qualities, with excellent wear resistance.


Our team of over 200 employees give it all they’ve got, day after day. We all work together to ensure that every profile, wall and ceiling panel we produce is of the highest quality. A “can-do” attitude prevails and is characteristic of Depro Profiles in general!

Internal social work facility

We customise profiles to fit your wishes in our social work facility. The employees there are indispensable members of our team.