Depro produces up to 10,000 different articles a year. Every article is fully customised to fit the customer’s wishes and needs, on different materials and with adapted décors. Our policy is driven by continuous innovation. Laid end to end, our millions metres of profiles would allow us to circle the planet 1.5 times every year. From floor accessories, profiles, decorative moldings to decorative panels, stair renovation, window sills and parts for coffins.

Flooring accessories


Transition profiles

Multifunctional skirting boards and profiles (e.g. cuttable skirting boards)

Technical skirtings and profiles 

End profiles

Self-adhesive skirting boards



Quadrants, scotia’s …


Decorative mouldings

Door frames, window frames,…

Funeral casket parts

We supply parts to funeral casket manufacturers, which assemble and finish the caskets.


Window sills

Wrapped versions (with decorative foil)

Plain MDF window sills



Wall and ceiling panels under private label


Stair renovation

For private labels