Depro supports Pink Ribbon


In Belgium 6 women die every day as a result of breast cancer and 10,500 breast cancer patients are added every year, staggering figures that unfortunately show an upward trend. Pink Ribbon supports women in their fight against this terrible disease. Breast cancer can affect anyone, but scientific research has shown that you have less chance of it if you live a healthy life. So adopt a healthy lifestyle and be one step ahead of cancer! Some tips from the experts: exercise daily, avoid obesity, eat healthy and limit alcohol. Read all about it on

To support Pink Ribbon, Depro wanted to contribute to the fight against breast cancer this year. That is why all female employees came to work on November 14, ‘17 dressed in black clothes, each wearing the familiar pink bow. To all make a statement together: we say "no" to this horrible disease, but wholeheartedly "yes" to HOPE

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