Our Depro "profiles" show their true colours


The past two years have once again confirmed that a company can only run thanks to its people. With numerous committed, enthusiastic profiles in its ranks, Depro consistently profiles itself as a growth company in which employees are not just parts of the process-related machinery, but above all people working together. To enable them to gain insight into their own behavioural preferences and those of their colleagues, Depro recently organised a three-part programme, the first step being to show their true colours!


Get to know yourself and your colleagues

Insights with its colour indications is a tried and tested method for improving self-awareness and learning to appreciate the differences between you and the people around you. Each colour represents a specific personality and character traits. The lessons learned from these insights would reflect both productivity and team spirit, and contribute to the overall well-being at work.


Working from home vs team spirit

Considering how much we work at home because of the pandemic, which means that some new staff members joined a team (perhaps incomplete) without meeting them in person, Depro felt that the time was ripe to invest energy in team spirit and collectively take part in a test organised by Trivio Academy. The beautiful location ’t Speghelhof in Geluwe was chosen - not only for this session - just a stone’s throw from the Depro factory.


The right person in the right place

The employees certainly enjoyed the experience (as well as the accompanying cakes and sandwiches). “Not only do you learn more about yourself, but it also clearly shows that everyone is different and works differently. No colour is better than another; every colour is different too,” we heard. “Although it is striking that the colours within the various services are very similar. This shows that the different people know how to apply their specific talents to the right jobs.”


Are you showing your true colours, too? We have jobs!

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