Depro’s R&D department raises LATT to yet higher standards!


“Standing still means going backwards” is the philosophy, something we at Depro Profiles have been able to endorse strongly for almost three decades. Because no matter how well a product portfolio scores, it must never be a free pass for complacency. And so our R&D department is constantly evolving. The sign - or panel - on the wall of this evolution is LATT, the latest in our range.

In 2020, the pandemic - and the resulting temporary lack of work - worked out well for the Belgian love of DIY. All that working at home made the flaws of a living space noticeable all the sooner, or you simply got tired of a room more quickly, while suddenly there was time to tackle a project.


“Highly decorative”

Hence the development of LATT, a do-it-yourself product that can be fitted in any interior, right away giving you the high-quality look of the homes typically seen in design magazines. Hence also our slogan for the product: “Highly decorative”, because with minimal effort - the product is incredibly easy to install - you achieve maximum results and a stunning contrasting interplay of lines in your interior.


The development that preceded the upcoming launch included not only the technical production, but also ultra-high-performance photography of the materials we were aiming for and the thought needed to ensure the intended ease of installation. And successfully, because you will soon be able to find the product in DIY shops that want to raise LATT higher!


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