High efficiency, high commitment


Depro is a family business that specializes in covering profiles with decorative materials. In Komen we meet Luc Jongbloet, CEO since 1 June 2020 and a big fan of the tailor-made workers who work for the company.


Luc: "We produce skirting boards, stair treads and panels, door frames and coffins. Annually, we produce 45 million running meters of products. Custom-made company 't Veer does all the packaging work for us, in our company, in a separate room where 30 and 40 people are active. They do the manipulations for us: inserting foils, packing them, putting skirting boards individually in boxes, ... all manual work! "


Infectious job satisfaction

Luc: "Time and again I become happy when I see the tailor-made workers at 't Veer at work. From morning to evening you only see satisfied people who do their very best. They are incredibly motivated. When the bell rings and they are still working on something, then they continue working. "

"It sometimes takes them a little longer to master a new job, but once they can do it, they do it perfectly. They set an example for regular employees. They perform at a high level. Not only are their returns high," he said. Their commitment is also high. Their drive and spirit are contagious. I go around the workplace twice a day, and you can't help but be happy when you pass by their workplace. "


"The supervisors are the liaison persons for us: they ensure that their people are well guided, receive the best care, and that the pace and organization of the work proceeds optimally. Their focus is on the quality and well-being of their people. Everyone is called in based on their strengths and together they form a strong team. "


Just do it!

"To all entrepreneurs who would hesitate to start a collaboration with a custom-made company, I have only 1 message: just DO IT! A company should always do more than just make a profit, but in a collaboration with a custom-made company you can combine both things: you not only take your social responsibility, it is also a smart choice economically by working with a reliable partner like 't Veer. "


Groep maatwerk

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