In terms of sustainability, Depro Profiles sees both the wood and the trees.


While a great many companies can no longer see the wood for the trees in terms of sustainability, we at Depro Profiles can’t miss either! For example, instead of greenwashing, we consciously choose PEFC/FEC-certified wood because we value sustainable forest management and the sensible use of natural materials. For us, sustainability is not just a hollow concept, but rather a way of thinking and doing business. This is apparent both from the careful use of raw materials and from the attention paid to making the production environment itself more sustainable.



Energy forms the basis of every production process, and this is no different at Depro Profiles. To keep things going, we have been using solar energy for almost ten years now. Recently, we expanded our existing installation with additional solar panels, enabling us to save some 350,000 kWh of electricity annually.


Climate-neutral adhesives

Depro Profiles undertakes to use climate-neutral adhesives to create its profiles. These types of adhesives are not only solvent-free - so they form a more environmentally friendly equivalent than glues with solvents - but the production of these adhesives themselves is also climate-neutral. In other words, Depro Profiles not only looks at the impact of its own production, but is also critical in selecting the raw materials.



The final products are produced in completely dry circumstances. This implies that no wastewater can remain at the end of the production process, meaning there are no consequences for the groundwater or water quality. A conscious choice!



Residues released when cutting MDF panels (including certified), such as offcuts and sawdust, do not just disappear into the waste, but are thermally recovered and re-used. The products themselves can also be perfectly recycled at the end of their respective life cycles.


Noise pollution

While perception may see this less as a threat to the environment, we are doing everything we can to reduce noise as drastically as possible, both for our own employees and for the environment. And although we are not shouting this from  the rooftops, it is certainly no secret! So feel free to spread the word, but preferably do so quietly!

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